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A call for help

Any of you. Please help. I am in a bad way and need to get myself and my daughter out of this situation. I am not one to air my dirty laundry but if you neeeed to know why just ask.

A bus ticket to my moms is around 240 dollars total give or take some.

I have a paypal but because of my ex it is in the neg at 63 bucks.

So I don’t know what to do about that.

My mother will be buying our tickets on the 3rd but I need to go asap. I am totally willing to repay any funds sent to me or anything else.

My now ex and I are a hail storm waiting to happen and I cannot subject my daughter to his crap and achololism anymore.

You can contact me at or skype at

Thank you…

Please help.





The girlfriend experience

> Any man who has ever had a girlfriend can attest to this.

> This is just too good. Animation, adorableness, substance. I really hope there are more of these.

It’s too adorable not to reblog again.

This is my roommate and his boyfriend. All the freaking way.

I will reblog this as many times as it comes up on my dash <333


Anonymous asked:

so THAT'S why you left Asche, it's because you're aromantic and heartless and purposely disregarded the fact that she loved you more than a moirail, you do know that her manipulating is just meaning that she wants to get with you, you should have accepted and you guys were 'moirails' too so you should have taken her as your girlfriend







This is where I draw the line.


I’m done. I am fucking done sitting around and watching this.

Ash was obsessive with rebs okay. Not even a MINUTE could go by with out her crying for xyr and talking about xyr and how much she wanted them to be together. It was too the point where she even ADMITTED TO ME that she wanted Rebs TO HERSELF NO ONE ELSE. Just because you become close friends with someone does not mean you have to date them. Ash could just fucking accepted that Xe was not interested in that type of relationship and GET THE FUCK OVER HERSELF. She just emotionally drain Rebs to the point where Xe would just do whatever she wanted so she would shut up. THATS NOT EVEN FRIENDSHIP AT THAT POINT.  She would do what she wanted and would try to do whatever she could so it was only Rebs and her. 

And Im fucking glad she is gone now. God damn proud. Rebby Roo doesn’t need her obsessive, manipulating, over-dramatic ass continuously harassing xyr because Ash was lonely and used Rebs as a god damn anti-depressant.

Also if you are going to attack Rebs for the matter than you are a fucking idiot. If you want something to come at come at me cause I am the one who told Rebs about Ash and what she was doing behind xyr back.

Come at me you stupid anons.


this is 100% true and I’ve seen the proof. 

It is 100% true.

I had exactly the same situation, and I have a proof too.

It’s all fucking true and I’ve seen and lived the fucking proof.

I was treated as less and pushed away by Asche because she didn’t want anyone aroud Rebs.

Ash always said she respected Aro/Ace people and for what I’ve heard from HER both about Rebs’ relationships and even //aromantic asexual characters// she did not respect any of the two.

And it’s true that Ash drains people to the point they can’t say no anymore to anything she wants because I HAVE PERSONALLY LIVED THIS…

I’m glad that she’s gone and has left us alone, especially Rebs and LiLaiRa that have experienced it fully for being Ash’s favorite chew toys.

I am sorry you had to go through that and I am so damn CONFUSED of why anons have to go attacking REBS and LILAIRA about this


From what I’ve seen and what I heard when you get close to Ash it can go either ways:

She’s getting obsessed, wanting you only for herself no one else “no sharing”, she wants to spend all the time with you and when there is someone else there might me a problem. She wants to “get rid of them”. She explains herself that she’s scared of getting replaced but she’s basicly stalking you and making your life a prison. She has the talent to make you feel guilty, to make you feel like you HAVE to stay, otherwise she’s: killing her oc, deleting her blog, doing something terrible, etc.

Ooorr.. in another way: She’s basicly leaving you behind, finding a new best friend to rp and to draw her stuff because you’re: not doing that anymore, you have not as much time for her as you used to, you’re being busy, you’re dealing with some serious problems or you’re just.. not fun anymore.. She doesn’t know any other kind of friendship than 24/7. She doesn’t know that the bond between people doesn’t depend on how much time you spend with them, she’s immediately panicking you two aren’t so close anymore, you have nothing to talk about anymore, or you’re going to replace her.. Seriously.. I have friends who I didn’t talked with or met with for years, but I’m sure everything is perfectly fine! There are friends who live close to me but we meet like.. once a year and we’re totally okay with that, and we love each other as we were siblings.

I had it both ways. First she found someone else then she was insanely possessive.. just because there is the time when you should stop crossing the oceans for someone who wouldn’t jump over the puddle for you.. I listened to stories of.. 4 or more people who had them very.. VERY similar. Actually the situation of Rebornica and Foo feels like a fucking retrospection. I am warning you people. It’s just a couple of facts, It’s just a little part of how she acts and what she had done to us. It’s not the part when “what isn’t on the internet doesn’t exist” works.

Now I see I kept my mouth shut for too fucking long. I didn’t shared my whole story because I’ve been suffering, I had trauma.. because I still had some kind of respect? I didn’t want to hurt her? I had my damn sentiment and I remembered those good things we had? I don’t know..

But Ash has the habit to shout everything on the internet, to make everything public. She didn’t have the problem with making me look bad after all I did for her, she had her fans to comfort her while she was playing a victim. and while I kept all that pain inside.. And that is why you believed her. Because you didn’t know the other side of the story. The one which was.. what we already know build up from lies.

But I can’t fucking hate people who once were dear to me… I just can’t.. Even if they caused my traumas, made me introverted, and hurted me badly… I couldn’t say a word more about how she treated me.. But no more silence. No more while my friends suffer. No more silence while ANY OF YOU suffer because of her.. No matter if you believed her imaginary and twisted stories or betrayed me, there is already many of you who opened their eyes and told me about it, said sorry..  there is only one thing I ask you for.. please don’t experience it on yourself.. You DON’T want it. She’s destroying people who love her, there are living proofs, there are stories out of tumblr, there is truth and there are people who aren’t only playing victims.

She is like a kid who’s not sharing her toy. But when her toy gets broken.. she doesn’t even try to fix it.

Im so lost o.o

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